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Terms and Conditions

Barr Equine Veterinary Limited provides a specialist lameness and orthopedic service. We aim to provide the highest level of care and treatment for your horse. Please see below our terms and conditions. In accepting our services and the purchase of goods, yourselves as clients of Barr Equine Veterinary Limited, agree to our Terms listed below.



All service fees, drug and consumables are subject to VAT at the current rate. Fees are determined by time spent on each case, procedures undertaken, medication, consumables and materials used. An invoice will be provided for every visit, which will include a breakdown of all treatment given. If you have any queries regarding your invoice, we will be happy to discuss with you.



Invoices are sent daily after treatment. We require payment within 7 days from date of invoice. If payment is not received, we have the right to stop further treatment. If for any reason you the client have an inability to pay, please contact us immediately to discuss your options.



Bank transfer after treatment or cash, credit or debit card at the time of treatment.



We can give an estimate of costs. Please bear in mind that this is an approximate - often this will change dependent on the treatment given.



Barr Equine strongly advises taking out equine insurance with a suitable insurance company. The policy is between you the client and your chosen insurance company and not between yourself and Barr Equine Veterinary Limited. We cannot advise on which insurance company you should choose. Insurance claims carry the same payment terms listed above, therefore we may require yourself to make payment to Barr Equine and reclaim the costs from your insurance company. We are happy to process a direct claim on a case by case basis, but would prefer you to pay us directly and then you claim back from your insurers. If a direct claim is unavoidable, anything that is not covered by your insurance policy will need to be paid directly to ourselves including any excess payment you have to make. If your insurance company fails to pay within 60 days of treatment on a direct claim, you will be required to pay us directly and then contact your insurance company to arrange the insurance payment back to yourself. We will not charge for filling out insurance forms, but we do require you the client to fill out all necessary parts and send all forms to us via email or post.



New clients will be required to supply a current phone number, home address and email address. For some services, an upfront payment will be required. This will be explained at the time of booking a procedure.



If you have a complaint please contact us at your earliest convenience in writing either via email or via post (the address can be found on the website). Any dispute regarding fees charged should be sent via email or post within 3 working days of the date on your invoice.



At times it may be necessary to refer your horse / pony for further investigative work i.e. MRI, nuclear scintigraphy, CT. We will pass details onto the practice carrying out this work and they will contact yourselves regarding an appointment. All reports will then be sent to ourselves so we can formulate a plan.



If you wish to seek a second opinion, we will pass all clinical history and images to your chosen vet if your account is cleared with ourselves.



Clinical notes, blood test results, radiographs, ultrasound images etc remain the property of Barr Equine Veterinary Limited. If requested all information will be passed onto a veterinary practice if taking over the care of the horse / pony.



A written prescription can be obtained for a fee from Barr Equine Veterinary Limited. All horses requiring prescriptions will need to be examined every 12 months. This is a legal requirement and any horse that has not been examined within 12 months will require a re-examination before issuing a repeat written prescription.



We have a duty to use UK veterinary based medication when available. Medication is calculated appropriately, and the dosage is given based on the manufacture’s recommendation. In some cases, medication that is not licensed in equines may be used, these will be used under the "cascade". This is a sequence that all veterinarians must follow. The off-license medication will only be used when it is necessary to do so and there is no licensed medication available.

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